Continuous innovation

“Even as a young kid I was fascinated by machines.”

I got to know about them, to repair and improve them and to develop my passion into a profession.

Ernesto Comandulli


of business

The company Comandulli was created in 1972, in Castelleone, in the provice of Cremona,

thanks to the intelligence and passion of Ernesto Comandulli: his innate talent for mechanics led him to make adjustments to machines in order to increase their working performance.

In a very short time he acquires experience and remarkable skills,

which are consolidated when as a businessman he plans, builds and patents a new type of machine to work on marble and granite: an edge-polisher with unique characteristics which brought him into the international marketplace.

“...and when I had enough experience, I built my own machine”

Ernesto Comandulli


square metres of company premises

The step from innovation to evolution is short,

and the business starts to grow, together with the company's experience and competencies, which are consolidated even more with two new patents. The 2 production plants and the more than 100 highly specialized employees involved have permit the company to invest constantly in research and development of innovative high-performance machines


machines at work around the world

Comandulli has always been a leading company from every point of view:

the tens of thousands of machines at work in every part of the world testify to this. As a result, technical assistance has become one of the company's strong points: rapid interventions with the certainty of spare parts being available show that great care is given to our clients.

“Perfection is obtained by always discussing it.”

Ernesto Comandulli always repeats this sentence to the people he works with,
because it represents the company's philosophy perfectly: research and development are always constant, and this is demonstrated by a new patent: an application for regular chamfering. Comandulli is convinced that the international market still has great potential for growth for those who believe in innovation and never rely on past success alone.